Kwan Brothers Opens

I’ve come to the realization that Damian Griffiths is like that chick from high school. You know the one – she was popular, everyone liked her, she got good grades, but she knew how to party too. She somehow ticked all of these damn scholarly boxes and still had a good time, and had a lot of friends, and was just perfect in every bloody way.

No. No, I’m not bitter *breathes deeply*

So, back to Damian. Alfred & Constance, Limes, and Chester Street weren’t enough for him. He had to go and open the ridiculously cool (and delicious) Alfredo’s. But NO, that’s not enough for this damn over achiever either. Because three really cool restaurants on one street corner aren’t enough, are they?

Welcome to Kwan Brothers.

Opening only a few weeks ago, it’s a casual restaurant/bar that draws a lot of similarities from its sister properties. Crazy, eclectic decor? Check. Loud and funky music? Check. Attractive and friendly wait staff? Double check.

The difference with Kwan’s is the food – it’s a mish mash of dishes that draw inspiration from all over Asia. I joined a couple of other bloggers there last week to sample some of Kwan’s food – and man did we hit the menu hard.

We tried, among other things, the ribs (both beef short ribs, and charcoal grilled lamb ribs); and the  “Mama Kwan’s Eggs of Judgement”:

Kwan Brothers ribs and eggs

I never thought I’d have some of the best ribs of my life at an Asian restaurant, but there you go. The meat was suctioned into my mouth in one fell swoop, the bone absolutely clean, before I knew what had happened. The eggs were reminiscent of a scotch egg, but unfortunately lacked that satisfying crunchy shell.

I also loved the pork bao bao, which can best be described as tacos crossed with pork buns.

Kwan Brothers pork bao bao


The pork belly and watermelon was also tasty – yes, the two flavours work together really well!

Kwan Brothers pork belly watermelon


The pineapple fried rice won points based on presentation alone:

Kwan Brothers pineapple fried rice


And finally, the fried chicken was dangerously moreish, although a little bit on the salty side (best enjoyed with a beer I think).

Kwan Brothers fried chicken

Another awesome thing about Kwan Brothers is that they’re open seven days a week until midnight. So if it’s a Monday night at 10pm and you’re in the mood for some grub – amazingly, you can now get a decent meal. So basically, along with producing really cool restaurants with tasty food, Damian Griffiths also makes what was once impossible in Brisbane a reality.

Damn him.


Kwan Brothers

Asian Restaurant/Bar


43 Alfred St, Fortitude Valley

Ph: (07) 3251 6588



I was invited to dinner as a guest of Kwan Brothers. All opinions are my own. Thanks for the feed!



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