Picnic at Camp Hill

I hate that dilemma where a dish like muesli or yogurt sounds appealing, but you’ve got a slightly raging appetite that morning and know that a bowl of nuts and oats just ain’t gonna cut it.

Enter: the side dish.

That’s right folks, I solved this problem that has plagued breakfast diners for eons: order a side of haloumi to go with your muesli.

In this case, it was the Pecan and Almond Granola ($11.90) from Picnic in Camp Hill. I know what you’re thinking, does haloumi go with granola? Are you crazy? It’s haloumi. It goes with air.

After scoffing my two very delicious slabs of salty haloumi, I tackled my cute little jar of granola, yogurt, and fruit:

Picnic granola


The granola (more like a muesli) was really tasty, but it needed more yogurt, or even a little bottle of milk on the side.

Meanwhile D was smacking the Picnic Big Breakfast ($16.90):

Picnic big breakfast

That groaning plate is filled with fried chicken, eggs, ham hock baked beans, pan fried kale, and rye toast. The ham hock baked beans were the best – and who says you can’t have fried chicken at breakfast time? Not Paula Deen, that’s for sure.

We also had a coffee each, which were excellent – very impressive considering there was just one lone barista pumping out drinks in the busy cafe!

Picnic is a very cute cafe with good service, solid dishes, and of course – a great assortment of side dishes.


Picnic Cafe 

12 Martha St, Camp Hill

(07) 3398 6600


Picnic on Urbanspoon


We ate at Picnic complements of the owner. Thank you!

We also wrote a review of Picnic for Weekend Notes, read it here.

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