Atticus Finch, Paddington

I don’t remember jack from high school.

For instance: in grade 8 or 9 we read To Kill a Mockingbird. We did essays on it. I’m pretty sure I smashed out an A or at least a B+ for mine. So you would think I’d remember the messages and the themes at the heart of Harper Lee’s famous novel.

“So who is Atticus Finch again?” D asked me as we settled in at Atticus Finch (the cafe) for lunch recently.

“A lawyer. He helped this guy in court…race relations. America. Good and evil…” I trailed off and thus my (clearly in depth) review ended. Why? I was really, really distracted by Atticus Finch’s menu. That, and like I said, grades 8 through 12 are a blur.

Atticus Finch do an all-day breakfast, bless them, as well as sandwiches, salads, and sweets. I ordered the Black sticky rice (warm black sticky rice with banana, tapioca, and coconut, $12). D got one of the toasties (honey roasted bacon, egg, onion jam, swiss cheese, and aioli, $10). We grabbed a flat white too, which was excellent!

So were the meals. The black sticky rice was awesome. If you like anything in the porridge/bircher/rice pudding family, you’ll love this dish. Everything worked so well together, and it was a sweet, creamy, satisfying delight.

Atticus Finch black sticky rice

D’s sandwich was also great. It sounds like there’s just too much going on in it, but again, everything worked together perfectly. Check out that buttery, grilled-to-perfection bread!

Bacon egg toastie


Atticus Finch is a really lovely spot to while away an afternoon in the sun and do some people watching (slash judging…). Although it does get mighty warm on those gorgeous bench seats, so if you go on a hot day and can’t snag an under-cover table, make sure you wear sunscreen.

Atticus Finch Paddington


So I may not remember the roots of who Atticus Finch was, or the themes in To Kill a Mockingbird, but I will remember this: Atticus Finch, the cafe, in Paddington? Damn good. We will be back!


Atticus Finch


2/83 Latrobe Tce, Paddington

Ph: (07) 3367 2448

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