Raw Pawpaw

Lately you can’t swing a cat without hitting an overflowing acai bowl out of someone’s hand. I love me some acai, so I don’t really mind, BUT I love my beef and hot meals as well.

Amazingly there is a place in Brisbane that will give you sweet refreshing smoothies and acai bowls as well as a kick ass curry, hearty bagel, or breakfast dish.

That place is Raw Pawpaw, the latest addition to the Venzin Group’s plethora of restaurants and cafes (they also own Pawpaw, Little Pawpaw, and Picnic, to name a few). We were lucky enough to attend a menu tasting recently, and we were absolutely floored at the variety of dishes that Raw Pawpaw serve up.

Little green smoothies to start – the ‘Greenie’ had coconut water, banana, super greens, cucumber, and spinach. I love this smoothie, I’ve had it before and am amazed at how creamy it tastes.

Raw pawpaw green smoothie

Pink eggs and ham (the pink is from beetroot):


Cute little acai bowls – with an awesome granola on top:


French toast! That is, gluten free and vegan french toast. I will say that, although I didn’t even realise it was gluten free until afterwards, it definitely had a ‘healthier’ taste to it.


THE BEST MOST RIDICULOUS MASSAMAN CURRY. I swear to God, this was one of the best curries I’ve ever had. Who knew I would have it at a place like Raw Pawpaw?


Zucchini pasta, and fried tofu with an Asian salad. The pasta was really good – I couldn’t even really tell that the ‘pasta’ was made from zucchini. Not sure it would satisfy you if you were after a proper pasta fix, but it was still very tasty.


I was pleasantly surprised to discover that Raw Pawpaw do more than just smoothies, raw treats, and healthy salads. Who knew you could get a hearty beef curry, or a tasty smoked salmon bagel (un-pictured – but it was awesome)?

There’s not a lot of seating at Raw Pawpaw, so keep that in mind if you’re going with a group. But if you have any sense at all, you’ll go by yourself so you can go to town on that curry with no judgement.


Raw Pawpaw


121 Merthyr Road, New Farm


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We were guests of Raw Pawpaw. All opinions are our own; we received no compensation for this post. Thanks Raw Pawpaw!

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