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I’m super lazy when it comes to cooking and what I eat at home. When I’m eating my eggs and toast for dinner I get a big guilt trip: what would my readers think? I have a food blog, doesn’t that mean I’m supposed to be really into cooking proper meals and stuff? So when the folks at HelloFresh offered me the chance to try one of their meal boxes, I took a deep breath, waved goodbye to my toast, and prepared for nearly a whole week of cooking every night.

The verdict? Cooking every night isn’t actually that painful. It’s even less painful when 99% of the ingredients (including fresh herbs) are delivered to your door.

So here’s my review of the HelloFresh service. I received ingredients and recipes to cook five meals for two people – here’s a rundown on four of the recipes (I froze the meat for the fifth dish. Baby steps, four meals in a row was a pretty big jump for me). HelloFresh provide basically everything except pantry staples like olive oil, butter, and flour. If you’d like to try it, read through to the end to get a HelloFresh discount code!


1. Baharat Lamb Pizzas

Hello Fresh said it took: 20 minutes to cook

It actually took: 20 minutes

Number of servings: 2.5, with a leftover plain Lebanese bread.

This was really tasty and the favourite of all the dishes. The portion was huge – an entire block of fetta for two people? Well, if you insist Hello Fresh, okay, I will eat a huge amount of cheese for dinner. It also came with three large Lebanese flat breads. In the end it was way too much food so we froze one bread and had an additional half a pizza left over.

Difficulty rating: 2/5

Taste rating: 4.5/5

Hello Fresh lamb pizza


2. Chicken, Lentil & Cauliflower Dahling

Hello Fresh said it took: 30 minutes to cook

It actually took: 30 minutes

Number of servings: 3 large servings. This thing was FILLING.

This dish had a lot of potential but I didn’t like the cauliflower in it. The recipe doesn’t give it much time to cook, so the cauliflower stays really crunchy. Some people might like that, but I (and my intestines) did not. The dish overall is very filling, and seemed super healthy.

Difficulty rating: 2/5

Taste rating: 3/5

HelloFresh dahling

(note: small portion shown. The actual portion size was nearly double that, we had leftover pizza to eat this night as well).


3. BBQ Fish with Salmoriglio and Potato Cakes

Hello Fresh said it took: 30 minutes to cook

It actually took: 35 minutes

Number of servings: 2, with leftover potato cakes.

The potato cakes in this dish were awesome, and surprisingly easy to make. No complaints here. The fish portions were a little small, but it’s a very filling meal with the large potato cakes.

Difficulty rating: 2/5

Taste rating: 4/5

HelloFresh fish



4. Crumbed Pork with Baked Apple & Sage

Hello Fresh said it took: 25 minutes to cook

It actually took: 70 minutes!

Number of servings: 2, with leftover potatoes.

Everything was going well with this recipe initially. I partially cooked my potatoes, got my crumb station set up for the pork, and had apples all sliced up and ready to cook. It was easy. And then it wasn’t. So what went wrong? It was the pork. The pork loins were these terrifically plump, juicy looking things that the recipe instructed me to crumb, then cook for a few minutes each side in the pan. Now when I say ‘plump’, I mean whoa mama – these were thick portions of meat. The fact that the recipe claimed they would cook in 6-7 minutes sounded odd, so I scoured the recipe multiple times and even fished out the packaging the pork came in to see if there were instructions to flatten/bash the pork with a mallet. There were not. So I trusted the recipe and cooked the pork as instructed.

25 minutes later I had a lovely crust on my pork but they were nowhere near cooked through. After another few minutes, I had to transfer them to the oven to cook through. Another 10 or so minutes later I finally had my cooked pork. Whew. While it was really good – very moist and tender, with a lovely crunchy crust – I was not expecting to slave away over it for nearly 45 minutes.

Difficulty rating: 1/5. Had the recipe said to bash the pork out nice and thin, this would have been easy. I’m thinking this was a recipe misprint, as the photo on HelloFresh’s website looks suspiciously like a thin, schnitzel-like piece of pork.

Taste rating: 4/5


The Verdict

Overall, I was pretty happy with Hello Fresh. All of the ingredients were of a very high quality, the portions are large, everything seemed relatively healthy and balanced, and the dishes were all pretty tasty. My only complaint is that a few of the recipes need to be more clear. Another thing I noticed – not that it’s a complaint as such – is that the meat portions for each recipe aren’t consistent. The pork portions were huge, but the fish were not. It was never an issue for us though, as we found every dish very satisfying.

If you love cooking but don’t really want to think about it too much, Hello Fresh is a great option. It’s inspired me a little bit – who knows, maybe I’ll start mixing up my toast with an actual cooked meal.

If you’d like to try HelloFresh, use the code Brisbane50 to score $25 off your first two boxes.



I received a complimentary x5 meals for x2 people box from HelloFresh. No other compensation was received, all opinions are my own. Thanks HelloFresh!

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  1. Great job on these reviews. My own experience wasn’t quite as positive. Without going into great detail: delivery was a day late (even though shipped from only a bit over an hour away), the shrimp cakes were tasty but fell apart (needed a binder or cutting shrimp smaller than instructed), garlic sent peeled and loose in bag with everything else (yuk! threw it away and used my own), arugula was rotten (smelled awful and was black in many areas – threw it away and used my own greens). When asked on at least occasions for my feedback, and I detailed my concerns, the response from Hello Fresh was total silence, except to continue asking for my feedback and sending me constant marketing material. I decided to be fair and give them one more chance – next week. We’ll see.

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