Di Bella coffee

Brisbaneites are fiercely loyal to local coffee providers, and for good reason: our homegrown guys churn out some damn good stuff! Di Bella Coffee started roasting beans in the Brissie ‘burbs in 2002, and their products are now available in a slew of cafes around the city (not to mention from their own roasting house in Bowen Hills, and their online shop).

The guys at Di Bella offered to send me some beans to try out at home. I picked the ‘Modena’ blend, basically because I saw the words “salted chocolate”, “butterscotch”, “toasted almond”, and “delightfully rich” in the beans’ description online and everything else kind of went fuzzy and I just went into auto-pilot and made sure I got me some of those beans, STAT.

Di Bella coffee

We used whole beans, ground them up, and then brewed a simple latte in our machine at home. The verdict? Very light, smooth, and just a little bit sweet. People say this about beer and wine a lot, but in this case it holds true as well: the Modena blend is dangerously easy to drink. If you’re a lover of big, bold, in-your-face strong coffee, the Modena probably isn’t for you; but those people who want to ease into their morning with a lovely, delicate little cup of coffee will love it.

Di Bella coffee

You can buy Di Bella beans fresh from their Bowen Hills head office, or head to their website and browse their online shop.


Di Bella

Coffee roasters

Ph: (07) 3252 5858



Disclaimer: I was compensated for this post and Di Bella sent me complementary beans, although all opinions are my own.

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